TruSecure TU0-001 Exam – A Complete Introduction

Brief Overview of TruSecure TU0-001 Exam

TruSecure TU0-001 Exam is a highly credible computer security certification exam, which adds greatly to the skills and abilities ofthe passing candidates. TruSecure ICSA Certified Security Associate is a base level certification, and is designed for system administrators who are responsible for security management of systems in an enterprise. This course is highly recommended for people who have one to three years of computer security experience or training equivalent to forty eight hours in a twenty four month period.

Topic areas to be tested by TruSecure TU0-001 Exam

  • Understanding of the need for security controls.
  • The importance of security policy and the reasons that underlie the importance of the collection of data.
  • Fundamentals of Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol.
  • Necessary components for good security and management of firewalls.
  • General operating system and windows security basics.
  • Types of Encryptions and use of Cryptography in Information security.
  • Types of computer and information privacy laws.

Objectives of TruSecure TU0-001 Exam

By the end of TruSecure TU0-001 Exam, candidate’s would be able to:

  • Describe, recognize and select good firewall structures.
  • Describe and understand good intrusion methodologies and disaster recovery practices.
  • Identify the basic security issues that are associated with network design.
  • Elaborate the dangerous threats to security and the counter mechanisms that can prevent these threats.
  • Identify and explain the Cryptographic measures popularly used today.
  • Understand the basic uses, requirements and functions of Digital certificates.
  • Define, identify and explain the risk management fundamentals.

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