Tips for passing the CompTIA A+ Certification tests

For many people, the CompTIA A+ examination is their first exposure to an IT certification course. Though it may seem hard and tedious at first, it is actually quite direct and easy to understand hence passable. CompTIA A+ certification exam has two parts: the 220-801 (essentials) and the 220-802(practical). The main goals for students who want pass this exam is to gain the necessary skills to pass the CompTIA A+ examination and get a career as a computer and IT support professional.


No matter how far along you are in the computer technician course, it’s always good to prepare for the time when you will take the CompTIA A+ exams. We will examine some tips necessary to preparing for CompTIA A+ certification examination:

Get familiar with the CompTIA A+ Examination objectives

Long before the test, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the CompTIA A+ certification exams. These objectives can be downloaded directly from the CompTIA A+ website. The document guides you through Computer Technician Program.

Be Hands-on

Get an old computer, take it apart then unscrew the hard drive, optical drives and examine individual components in the computer. If you don’t have an old machine, get one from a neighbor or from thrift shops or garage sales. The desktop computer is the most appropriate machine for this purpose. Be familiar with the cabling, connectors and how everything works together.

Study even more

Read more books on this subject and try out the sample questions provided in the books. You can go to the Library to get a number of books instead of buying them. You may also find these books in thrift shops. In addition, you can find free resources on the internet.

Find training centers

These training centers give you skills that will prove useful during the CompTIA A+ certification examination. You can search for reputable training centers and classes. These training facilities give a well-rounded exam preparation. You could also purchase programs that could help you train for the examinations. Be sure you find a verifiable website before you download anything from the website.

Take a few practice exams

Download free sample questions from the internet and take as many as you can find online. This will give you the exposure you need and you will be more confident on the examination day. Review these questions and make sure you have done well in them. The more you practice the better you get in answering these questions.

Time management

Take your time when you sit for these exams so that you don’t end up wasting your money. You will be given 90 minutes which is enough for you to read each question carefully before you answer it.

A day before the test day, sleep early and arrive about 30 minutes early on the test day for and go in with a positive attitude. The test has multiple choice questions, so you could try getting the right answer by eliminating the wrong choices in each question. Passing the CompTIA A+ examinations will be a great plus for your resume, as a result your chances for success in the IT world will increase.

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