Some Important It Certifications

Getting certifications really produces a positive impact on your career. Especially for the professionals that aim to establish a sound career in the IT industry qualifications matter a lot. There is a tough competition going outside and to survive one has to strive hard to get maximum knowledge because that is the only criterion that is set for performance. Computer certifications provide the dual advantages they not only enhance knowledge, but also enhance the career opportunities. For this reason most of the leading IT institutes of this world are offering valuable certifications to train professionals in performing various technologies and computer related tasks in their fields. Let’s have a look at some of these quality certifications.

Structured Query Language

This is a very reputed certification offered by Microsoft it is concerned with the administration of databases. Those individuals that perform tasks related to administration really need to go for this one. The configuration and installation are the main topics that are addressed here. In short data administrators really need to have a grip on their topics in order to perform well for this reason Microsoft has come up with this plan. With this certification in hand you will go to an employer with a confidence that you can do well and know your job.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer SharePoint 2010 Developer

This is another quality certification that is being offered by Microsoft. The developers that possess an experience of two years should go for it. You must be aware of the fact that there is a huge demand for the SharePoint developers these days and by acquiring this certification you are adding five stars to your CV. Basically your knowledge regarding the implementation and design of custom code in relation to the servers of SharePoint are checked here. All in all this is one of the must have certifications and developers should look forward towards it.

CompTIA A+

For those who have just stepped their feet in the It industry this is an excellent qualification to have. It basically validates your skills in relation to basic tasks that relate to computer performances. It shows that you have knowledge about troubleshooting, system operations, network and security. It is also worth mentioning that many renowned organizations require this certification for appointing professionals.


These were some certifications that can help you in boosting your career options and enhancing job options. They will help you in a positive manner.


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