Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam Latest Questions and Answers

An Overview of Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam

The Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam is basically for the database administrators, support engineers, and technical consultants who can demonstrate their knowledge andskills using an Oracle database 11g automatic tuning feature which includes SQL tuning advisor, SQL Access Advisor, Automatic Workload Repository and automatic database Diagnostic Monitor.

Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam’s Description

  • Associated Certification
    Oracle Database 11g Performance tuning Certified Expert
    OPN Certified Specialist
  • Number of Questions                        85
  • Duration                                                  135 minutes
  • Exam Price                                             US $245
  • Passing Score                                        64%
  • Validated Against
    The exam has been validated against Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 version
  • Format                                                     Multiple Choices

Important Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam Topics

Some important topics included in Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam are given below;

  • Basic Tuning Tools:
    The knowledge of student about, diagnosing the performance issues uses top wait events and the time model, Use dynamic performance views to view statistics and wait events, Use Enterprise Manager Monitoring and identification of key tuning components of alert logs.
  • Using Automatic Workload Repository:
    A student would be asked to create and manage AWR snapshots and to generate and read AWR reports, Analyze Compare periods reports.
  • Defining Problems:
    The knowledge of student about performance issues & tuning priorities will be verified by the 1Z0-054 exam. A student could be asked to interpret tuning diagnostics and tune for life cycle phase.
  • Using Metrics and Alerts:
    This topic includes explanation of metric views and alerts.
  • Baseline:
    This topic includes creation of AWR baselines for future time periods and management. Ability of a student to monitor performance and enable adaptive thresholds is examined in this.
  • Using AWR-Based Tools:
    A student would be asked to tune automatic maintenance tasks, To Analyze ADDM reports and Active session History (ASH) reports.
  • Monitoring an Application:
    Student may be asked to configure and manage services, Use services with client applications, Database Resource Manager and Scheduler and to configure services aggregation, tracing and set performance-metric threshold.
  • Identifying Problem SQL Statements:
    A student could be questioned about SQL statement processing, SQL statement statistics to identify the SQL statements that perform poorly and to describe and use methods for viewing Execution Plans.
  • Influencing the Optimizer:
    This includes description of optimizer’s behavior and adjustment parameters to influence the optimizer.
  • SQL Performance Management:
    This includes management of optimizer statistics, Configuration of automatic SQL tuning and SQL profiling, Set up & use SQL plan baseline.
  • Using SQL Performance Analyzer:
    This includes the description of SQL Performance Analyzer process & benefits and use of SQL Performance Analyzer.
  • Using Database Replay:
    This topic includes the student’s knowledge about use of Database Replay (when and how to use) and use of Enterprise manager to record and replay workloads.
  • Tuning the Shared Pool
  • Tuning the Buffer Cache
  • Tuning PGA and Temporary Space:
    A student’s knowledge about Diagnosing PGA memory issues and size the PGA, Diagnosing Temporary space issues and specification of temporary tablespace parameters for efficient operation is verified.
  • Automatic Memory Management:
    This topic includes implementation of Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASSM) and implementation of Automatic Memory Management (AMM).
  • Tuning Segment Space Usage:
  • Tuning I/O:
    A student would be asked to diagnose database I/O issues, To describe the Strip and Mirror everything (SAME) concept and tune Automatic Storage Management.
  • Appendix B Using Statspack:
    This includes the knowledge of student about using statspack.

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