MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer

The MCSD is Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) for Microsoft .NET certification proves the ability of a person to design and develop solutions with the help of Microsoft .NET Framework, and also to develop development tools and technologies for Microsoft. Earning this credential means one has the skills necessary to lead an organization with successful design, administration, and implementation of solutions with Microsoft products. MSCD has three categories of certifications namely MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer, MCSD: web application and MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management.


Why a certification?

Receiving a Microsoft Certification demonstrates one’s knowledge and experience in using Microsoft solutions and products. It is designed to be relevant in the changing IT market; MCSD help you utilize fine-tune your troubleshooting skills, evolving technologies, and improve job satisfaction. Becoming certified demonstrates to customer and employers that one is committed to advancing skills and taking on greater challenges irrespective of whether one is new to technology, a seasoned IT professional or changing jobs. In addition, the certification provides one with access to the (MCP) Microsoft Certified Professional resources and benefits.

About MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer

It is the globally accepted qualification for developing widows store applications. A certification under the letterhead of Microsoft is always very desirable. Moreover in recent times after the introduction of windows 8, the scope has just opened up for candidates. They can get this certification and then make their own apps for windows 8 and directly approach Microsoft. Therefore such certifications have just come up with great scope in future. Operating will be always invented and so there will always be scope to develop new apps. Thus it is quite clear that a certification termed as MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer is very important to find a job of a solution developer both cloud and windows.

How to get the MCSD certification

There are five exams which a candidate needs to pass in order to obtain the certification of MCSD.  The exams can be passed in any order of choice by the candidate. Some exams may be temporarily retired, if an exam is retired, a candidate cannot take the exam until the exam takes place again. But if an exam is retired after the completion of the exam, then the exam can be counted to be a part of the certification. The required exams are as follows.

  • One elective exam
  • One exam on Web services and server components
  • One exam on solution architecture
  • One exam on Web applications development
  • One exam on Windows applications development


Thus it is quite clear that the MCSD degree is very necessary to get established as software or a solution or even an application development. The MCSD certification is accepted as global standards. So MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer is necessary to become a store app solution developer for Microsoft or for any other company. The job has a decent salary so hard work and determination can bring a certification and if one is luck it will also bring a job in Microsoft.


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