How to Qualify For CCA for XenApp 6

The CCA for XenApp 6 is created in order to make a person knowledgable in the different desktop solutions for Citrix XenApp 6.  However, a person who will be taking this exam must pass the Basic Administration for XenApp 6 exam.  This test will show the person’s skills and knowledge when it comes to the configuration, installation and administration of the most essential applications for Citrix XenApp 6.  By obtaining the CCA for XenApp 6, it is a proof that you are experienced and knowledgable with Citrix XenApp 6 desktop solutions.  This is considered as the preliminary certification, which means that this is just the beginning of earning more highly recognized Citrix certifications including the CCAA.

How to Achieve CCA for XenApp 6

Not all individuals can take the exam because he must fist pass the Citrix Exam A18 or the Basic Administration needed for Citrix XenApp 6.  This type of exam covers a lot of topics which include the configuration of XenApp Policies and XenApp Sessions, knowing the Citrix Architecture installation and licensing of XenApp, understanding the configuration of printing as well as any other additional management and troubleshooting.  Other issues that are covered are knowledge in how to publish the content and applications, managing and monitoring its performance and making sure that the web access for published content and applications are secured.  There are courses that can help in preparing for the certification.  If you are really interested in passing for this exam then there are courses that can help you and these are the Advanced Administration for Citrix XenApp 6.5 and the XenDesktop Fast Track and Citrix XenApp.

Qualifications of Becoming A CCA for Citrix Xenapp 6

The certification for CCA for Citrix Xenapp 6 is perfect for those people who want to gain knowledge about the desktop solutions used for XenApp 6.  Those people who are seeking for this certification are those IT professionals who want to be knowledgable in implementing various Citrix products.  This certification is a proof that the person has the ability and the understanding in administering, configuring and installing the applications that are more on demand.

The Fundamental Administration for Citrix XenApp 6

If you would like to achieve the certification then it is recommended that you have to successfully pass the exam for A18.  Another training course that should be completed is the CXA-204-2, although it is not necessary.  The Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6 is a training course that is needed in order to effectively manage and centralize the data center so that the information can be delivered to users anywhere.  Hands-on training for the installation of Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2 will be provided.  They will also be thought about the various Citrix plug-ins and the administration of consoles and tools which are needed in configuring the server, policies and resources.  They will also be trained in virtualized applications, printers, server farm settings plus a lot more.  There are different topics that will be covered including the licensing and the installation of XenApp.

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