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As you must have known the reputation of the non-profit trading association CompTIA refers to Computing Technology Industry Association. This association offers so many certificated courses like A+, CASP, CTT+ and Server+ etc. within which Linux+ is very well known. The CompTIA Linux+ certification is all about the knowledge and study of the operations of Linux operating systems. It includes the basic things to professional knowledge like the operating system installation process, installation of free software and uses of open source programs.

About the Linux + Exam

The Linux+ exam is intended esp. for the information technology related people having about 12 months of relevant experience. For each type of Linux expertise, the exams are divided into many types, such as management, installation, configuration, documentation, security and hardware. You will be asked multiple choice questions and all of them are related to computer and its fundamentals. Out of four options you need to spot the right answer. The question syllabus includes installation of OS, boot loader info, shell commands and programming, network administration with TCP/ IP settings, security mechanism, bash shell and package management etc.

Benefits Provided in Linux+

In the earlier exams, the examinees were not allowed this, but now in 2013, the candidates are allowed to forward the record of their exam to the professional institute of Linux. In order to get the CompTIA Linux+ certificate you need to pass only two exams, passing which you can go for further participation in the related field.

Details of the Linux+ Exams

The two Linux+ exams are named as LX0-101 and LX0-102 and to get the Linux+ certificate you need to pass both of them. You will get 60 questions in each paper and you will get 90 minutes to solve/ answer them for each exam. Passing score has been fixed to 500 on a scale of 200 to 800. You can choose from a range of languages for these two exams. To appear in these exams it is recommended to get the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certificates first with some months of work experience in Linux administrating.

Modifications in Linux+ Exams in 2013

There are few modifications done in this year of 2013 and those are

  • Objectives have been added regarding Upstar, GRUB 2 system, LVM, and ext4,
  • LILO has been deleted from the list of terms,
  • Bash history has been added in the list of terms.
  • Some Environmental Variables have been added and
  • An objective regarding IPv6 has been added.

If you get success to grab CompTIA Linux+ certificate, then undoubtedly you are going towards the brilliance. People do not stop in this course; rather they opt for higher level courses after completing it. This exam had some criticism before because many hardware related topics were from A+ syllabus. But this problem has been sorted out in 2013 and added plenty of new and advanced features. It helped and still helps the job holders like Junior Linux Administrators, System Administrators, Web Administrators and Linux Database Administrators etc.

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