HDS HH0-240 Exam

What is HDS HH0-240 Exam?

The HDS HH0-240 Exam test will accept that the auspicious contestant has information and abilities in achieving HDS entrance level Enterprise space frameworks at client locales.

This incorporates solid information of HDS section level Enterprise space frameworks and cohorted system items, and exhaustive comprehension of introduction, arrangement and arrangement systems and additionally co partnered regulatory exercises. The test additionally blankets the apparatuses and systems and best practices identified with supporting Hds entrance level Enterprise space frameworks. This test won’t blanket essential ideas and innovations.

Exams to get the certification:

Exam which is required to get the certification is as follows:

1.      HH0-240 exam

Exam codes:

HH0-240 is exam code for HDS certification.

HDS HH0-240 Exam Questions:

Total questions in the exam will be 60 questions and thus you can pass the exam by attempting them.

Time for the test:

Time allowed completing the test 60 minutes but for non English students time is allowed to complete the test is 90 minutes.

Cost for the HDS HH0-240 Exam test:

In North America total expense for the test is 200$ and if the candidate is from outside the North America then total expense is 225$

How can you get the HDS HH0-240 Exam certification?

There is a limit for passing score which is 68%. By passing the score at or above this level you can get the success as well as the certification.

Audience for the HDS HH0-240 Exam:

HDS accomplices and workers are the audience for the test. Implementers may as well have solid learning and aptitudes in utilizing and conveying the HDS equipment and programming items included in reserve results usage.

Requirement to get the certification:

Requirement to get the certification and to take the exam are that first you should pas the HDS storage foundation exam and you must have the HDS storage foundation certification as well.

Topics for the HDS HH0-240 Exam:

  • Architecture of the system (This topic describes the Hitachi entry level system architecture, components and concept)
  • Pre installation of system (HDS process is described in this topic)
  • Installation of system (Initial installment and integration of the entry level enterprise system)
  • Management and configuration of system
  • Techniques virtualization
  • Management of storage
  • Multi pathing & stack equalizing
  • Space Area Network reconciliation (Describes the functions of zones and groups)
  • Support and issue determination through execution (VPS functions, update process, troubleshooting issues and many more)


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