Advantages of CompTIA Certification in 2013

CompTIA stands for “Computing Technology Industry Association” is an IT certification that IT professionals must have. This course is meant to validate an individual’s expertise and skills in software and hardware both. It is the type of certificate which fresh graduates ought to have in order to get better job opportunities. If you are a fresh graduate then start planning to give your CompTIA certification exam in 2013 as this certification is a good way for the beginners to start in the Information Technology field, unlike other certification courses such as Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware etc. which bounds of specific technology. CompTIA certification proves to be very helpful in building up the basic foundation of important knowledge of IT professionals. You are able to learn the essential fundamentals after getting this certification which helps in enhancing the career in IT field. It is the best choice for those professionals who seek for entry-level jobs in their field, so foundation knowledge is must.

There are three options in the CompTIA certification that is; CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+. If you are knowledgeable enough to pass the CompTIA exam then definitely you will be having better job opportunities waiting and you will be satisfied that even your present boss will take you into consideration and you will be having sure chances of getting promoted. There is an unending journey of advancements if your career has been started in the field of Information Technology. An average IT professional who acquires CompTIA Certification earns approximately 5-15% more than non-certified professionals. If your resume mentions that you are a CompTIA Certificate holder then it shows how determinant you are in your career and you think broadly to pursue your career further.

When you are certified in any of CompTIA courses then you get the added advantages as you have all the knowledge and skills that others in your field lack. There are many career options for IT professionals holding CompTIA certification such as Software Engineer, Technical Instructor, Project Manager, Network Analyst, Database Administrator, Business Development Manager, Technical Support Specialist, Internet Security Specialist, Computer Service Technician, Sales Engineer etc.

IT professionals who pander to validate their knowledge and technical skills in a particular career should consider this certification. Since many multi-national companies require CompTIA certificate holders so chances of higher salary packages are quite a lot and famous companies for example HP, CompUSA and IBM make their employees trained in the A+ certification during their period employment.


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